Wednesday, December 18

Local ISP issues Grinch up Taphouse for the holidays

It would seem the happy elves at my ISP have decided to start some kind of upgrade work.  Probably girding their loins for all those X-Box One's connecting on X-mas day.  Instead they should be covering their asses in anticipation of X-Day!  Anyhow, we're gonna be on the NetSplit coaster for a while.  The management apologizes for any inconvenience, and offers you a 10% off IRC services coupon, redeemable anytime:

|        }O+=@%&!:?~?:!&%@=X=@%&!:?~?:!&%@=+O{            |
| 10% OFF - Best deal on the internet!  Redeem NOW!   |
|        }O+=@%&!:?~?:!&%@=X=@%&!:?~?:!&%@=+O{            |
|                                                                                     |
|     Receive 10% off the purchase price of any and all        |
|     Taphouse Cabal IRC services - Offer void where          |
|     mandated by state or federal law.  Offer not valid in  |
|     Malaysia.  Expires: 13/00/13 - All rights disturbed.    |

Sunday, June 16

Zeppo booted off twitter...temporarily

On June 11 twitter retired v1 of it's API. You can read all about it HERE. Unfortunately, this has kicked Zeppo to the curb as he was still using v1 via XML. XML is no longer in use on twitter. (RSS and ATOM are dead now as well) JSON is the only applicable format you can use, and every app MUST use SSL (https) THERFORE until the whole script gets rewritten to use the new 1.1 API he will be off twitter. He is still on IRC for your amusement, but I dont expect him to be back on teh twitters before XDAY.

tl;dr: Twitter sux, but Zeppo will return soon

Thursday, May 9

Monday, March 18

Zeppo Update

He is alive and well, just not on twitter. His old box could not be salvaged, the CPU (amd64 socket 754) is dead and even though I have two motherboards for it, (one unopened and unused) there isnt a point since the CPU is gone. The ram is fried too, but it has a lifetime warranty- just no need to replace it if I cant run it anywhere. I have been looking for a 754 chip, but haven't found one worth bothering with. (lots of used "oh this chip runs great" deals, that I dont trust)

I think since I have a brand new power supply (BOY DID THAT OLD ONE DO A NUMBER ON POOR ZEPPO) and a nice case, I will just get a combo deal like this:


Just waiting to get the $$$ together... Anyway he is running fine on a linux virtual machine on my windows8 box, but for some reason the twitter script crashes the whole thing. So until I get a new brainspace for him to live in, you will only be able to interact with him "in person" in IRC. Also someone mentioned donating and old box, but we'll see what happens there.