Sunday, November 2

The Tubes are Clogged.

Sorry about all the netsplits lately, it would appear that the
internet tubes are clogged with delicious creme filling.

Monday, September 15

Taphouse Rising

Had a little trouble with our DNS yesterday - which meant that no one
could connect. It's all fixed now. The trouble yesterday highlighted
the folly of using DNS servers in several cities all subject to
hurricanes....oh well. Now I am in the process of getting a whole
bunch of new DNS servers all over the place. What this means to
you is that what happened last night, WONT happen again.

Friday, April 18

New Taphouse Server!

Welcome to run by Scalpod, the latest IRC server to join the Taphouse Cabal network. Located in Portland, this server is open for business and should give our west coast subgenii a server closer to their neck of the woods.

Saturday, February 16

Hotep regains balance in the Kernel

All done now - if you blinked, you missed it. Stay tuned for more exciting server rebooting news, from your Action Taphouse News team!

Son of Hotep Server Maintenance

As if one kernel update were not enough, Ubuntu got it borked up and had to release another. Therefore, at 23:00 GMT (6:00pm EST) on 16 Feb 08, we're gonna do it again. You'll want to switch servers this time, it might take a while. Frop and Fester are accessible through the round robin (i.e.

Saturday, February 9

02/10/07 - Hotep down for server maintenance, one of your friendly Taphouse irc servers, will be taken down briefly at Noon EST on Sunday, 02 Feb 07, for kernel buffing and waxing. That is all.