Monday, August 29

Taphouse Back at FULL POWER

Well we seem to have survived the worst of what Irene had to offer and all servers and services have returned from powerless hell. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Saturday, August 27

Taphouse Outages

It is almost inevitable that the Taphouse Virginia servers (Frop and Hotep) will experience a power outage today that may last for several days. I have re-adjusted the round robin connection ( to connect ONLY to the German (Bort) and Oregon (Sockem) servers until further notice. If you connect directly to either Frop or Hotep you should change over to the round robin to connect. Frop and Hotep are currently still online and can be used until they disconnect. The Taphouse website will also be offline during the power outage and a few services bots (and Zeppo) will be offline as well. Sorry for the inconvenience and we will see you when we return.

Friday, April 15

No, we're not all going to disappear just because Portal 2 came out

Its true, we're a bunch of gamer geeks, but we still have a social life, even if it spends a little too much time online. Anyhow, just popping in to remind you we have a blog, and there are no major server issues you need worry about. Call us after the cake.

Sunday, January 30

Holy Crap I almost forgot we had a blog

Perhaps I should update this more often, but I dunno things are going pretty well why ruin it?