Wednesday, December 12

Alien Arena is no more....

Sadly, a lack of players has meant that
the alien arena server is dead.

If at a later date anyone wants to play,
it will be on an "on demand" basis.
i.e. when you want to play, just ask me,
and I will turn it on.

Saturday, October 20

Alien Arena

The Taphouse is hosting an Alien Arena server,
and YOU can join in on the FUN!
This game is freeware and is available for
windows and linux, and you can get it here!

Anyway, once you get it downloaded and installed
just open the server browser and look for "Taphouse"
and let the killing begin.

Saturday, August 18

Youtube is a Virus

Ok, so I finally updated this blog to be more in line with our new google overlords, and what do you know, there is a video widget that you can put on the page that will search for videos with the parameters that you specify and put up some thumbnails for people to click on and open the videos, RIGHT ON THE BLOG!


Along with the idea that the invention of printing press didn't give us 1000 Shakespeare's, youtube will NOT give us even 1 Orson Welles'. Witnessing the drama that goes on amongst the so called 'vloggers' over there, it might very well give us a couple dozen reasons to go on a killing spree or pray for a speedy pandemic.

Don't get me wrong: I love humanity...(conceptually and at a distance) However up close and personal, this 'love' tends to fade pretty fucking QUICKLY. Because of this, I stay AWAY from my fellow human beings so that I can "keep the love alive." With the advances in 'communication' now available from the internet, this great thing I do for all of humanity (staying away from them so I don't kill them) is in greater and greater jeopardy each and every day.

At least those of us with lawn chairs set up on the cliff to watch the
lemmings fulfill their destiny, now have full video coverage as well.

enjoy ur embedded video.

Saturday, March 10

Urgent Magdalen News

Earlier posts about this story, HERE
and HERE

To make a long story short, recently, after a very prolonged and difficult struggle, Rev. Magdalen won back custody of her child... only to have it again denied BEFORE SHE COULD EVEN SEE HIM by an "emergency stay order." This means that now the case must go to a higher court -- which is good, because it will be FIVE judges who aren't just yokels from that same small town, who managed to get themselves elected as family court judges. There is a good chance that, when the case is seen by educated people, Magdalen will regain full custody of her son.

One of the nightmarish aspects of this, however, is that, because the biological father supposedly has "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome," he has never had to work and is a trailer-court welfare case. This means that the state pays for his lawyers! But because the Bevilacquas each work the equivalent of two jobs, they have to PAY for their lawyers.

And they have to pay a new, DIFFERENT lawyer to handle the higher appellate court case.

Your help is needed NOW!!
A pledge page has been set up here: Click here to lend your support to: Reverend Magdalen Legal Fund and make a donation at !

Also if you still haven't bought a goat shirt.
you can do so HERE
$8.10 is donated for EVERY SINGLE shirt sold...

Please help if you can.

Sunday, February 11

Upgrades Complete

Oops, forgot to note that we did in fact complete all upgrades last weekend to the servers and services. Thanks for your patience!

Monday, January 29

Upgrades to Taphouse

Ok, as Nigel mentioned in the previous post we are currently upgrading ALL of the servers AND the services packages on Taphouse over the next week or so.
We will make this as painless as possible. It is important to use the round-robin connection: IRC.TAPHOUSE.ORG as we will move servers out of the round-robin that are being upgraded and back in once the upgrades are complete.
Some of these upgrades are already complete: Fester has already upgraded.

Also there is a new statistics package that you can access HERE.

Thank you for your patience.

Sunday, January 28

Upcoming server upgrades

Over the next week or so, the IRC network will be upgraded, so please make use of to connect, if you do not already do so. Interruptions should be minimal. Fires will be controlled.