Monday, June 19

Minecraft 1.12 and NETHER Map!

Hey, folks, Hotep proprietor Nigel here:

Minecraft has updated to 1.12 and we've gone CRAZY!  Crazy with mapping, that is.  Scalopd has just traveled farther than any of us in search of a woodland mansion, and that means we have a lot more map to explore in search of parrots and whatnot.

But ALSO, the Minecraft Map is accessible from the web-page again, AND we have added nighttime overworld views, and also the Nether!  Come stake your claim on Taphouse Minecraft, before all the great spots are taken!  Tour the giant Dobbshead!  Marvel at the creeper blast craters!  Farm for beetroot!  Its all here, and more.  See you on the inside.