Sunday, November 27

New server news, anyone?

It would seem that there are two computers joining the family in the coming month and a bit. This means that our grand total will be three, leaving one for work (laptop) and two at home(newish one and old one). Are we all following along in our textbooks?

So, i'll have the free serverboxen and cable internet that i've been whining about getting for the past year or so. So, what should i do with my little network when i get it set up? How should i set it up? Any suggestions from you techie taphouse folk? Do we need another taphouse server for anything, or should i just serve files off it or something?

I'm asking a little early because there's still time to reconsider what kind of hardware i'll be getting. Any suggestions on use will obviously effect the hardware. Or something.

Again, suggestions?

Friday, October 28

Bucky Lives!

I'm not dead! Well, not quite dead. As most of you may know, i had some kidney trouble earlier this month and as a result had to spend a few weeks in the hospital. I am, however, recovering nicely. Soon i will be back online and acting once more as a lightning rod for slacklessness.

See you soon!

the ALPHA is with us!

but I can't really speak about it now, as it is in super seekrit beta testing.
Forget I mentioned this. on another note, Vertigo has decided not to be a smelly hippy anymore and get a real job, and move to wisconsin. Also bucky, if you ever read this, do you suppose more than one of us should be able to change settings here?

Sunday, October 2

Page updates complete, I think...

All of the suggestions for the page *improvements* have been implimented. the new SSL page is here.
Everyone please give it a lookover and let me know if there is anything I forgot

Wednesday, September 28

Now the official network of the Subgenius Foundation

My question here is, why haven't we put this on the page in a prominent place?
"now with more subgenius!!!"

Monday, September 26

IMPORTANT: Network Update

As of 10:30pm EST, all of the taphouse IRC servers were updated to ensure Y2K compliance. This is in accordance with taphouse operating procedure chapter 2, paragraph 3, subparagraph viii which explicitly states:
"...we'll get around to it eventually."
That is all.

Saturday, September 17


Recently a suggestion was made that we don't have in a very conspicuous place, a link for the servers (I know we have an entire page dedicated to each server and it's owner) also the round robin link is on the main page, but it is down in the text, there is no link that can be seen quickly
On the old page we had a quicklink (that mirc can use) also shouldn't the java thing say "chat now" or something? I know...It SEEMS SO OBVIOUS, however... Anyway people what do you think?

My opinion? The servers are listed on the "meet your operators" page so that is well and good
I would prefer that people use the round robin, as we bother to keep it current AND it balances the load. As I see it the only change is maybe put a nice big round robin link somewhere conspicuous.

Saturday, September 3

Peace alive...wins own pool..suspicious chatters welcome back their friend

Peace is alive, and after claiming the more the 3 million in prize winnings for predicting his own disconnect time, he rejoins IRC triumphant!

Monday, August 29

Somewhat morbid pool is up

Although we're hoping our irc buddy "peace" will be okay, we've taken up a pool to see who can guess wht time he'll "ping out" due to the oncoming hurricane. Peace is located west of new orleans, and right in the path of hurricane Katrina.

Good luck, Peace!

Sunday, August 28

NEW PAGE IS UP (f'real this time)

Yes it is true. The page is up and working, and it is working well. Testing is complete. Yay!

Saturday, August 27

NEW PAGE IS UP (sort of)

Ok the new page is up, just not the newest version of it. This should be changed very soon. Did you know Sweden is on a different time zone than like people who aren't in Sweden?

It's the end of the world as we know it...


...ahh, it this thing on?

I am here!

Yes it is true, I am here. I have a blog account. *sigh* Is this the beginning of the end? Stay tuned.

Slight Setback

Well apparently the new site will be up sometime in the near future, but for now it will remain as is until we figure out the new DNS information for the webserver. I'm not sure why i'm even updating this, mostly just to see how it updates the rss feed on the page.

Friday, August 26

New Website Goes To Sweden

The new fancy-pants homepage will be transferred to weinholt in sweden shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cuase, but we'll try to make it as painless as possible. The only outages or service interruptions you should expect are web-based. The web portal pages will have to be moved and that means the web portal may not respond for a few hours. Other than that, the transition should be smooth and not affect network traffic at all.