Friday, March 31

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Monday, March 27

Magdalen Update

Local news story on Magdalen's case.
most interesting news? Judge Punch has
recused himself...
He shoulda done that in the first place if
he's all skeered of goats and stuff.

Link to Story

Wednesday, March 15

Update on Magdalen's situation

In case anyone was wondering, Magdalen's blog hasn't been
updated because she has been forbidden to speak about
her son on the internet by the judge, while supposedly this is
to protect the child, I get a whiff of a coverup
of a very poorly rendered decision by a backwater judge,
but hey, make up your own mind. This is the reason
the transcripts havent been posted.

the following reprinted from 'High Weirdness'

The judge had ordered Magdalen to cease all communication
on the Internet regarding her son. This was not a written
statement - the judge had verbally ordered her to remain
offline, and no written order was available. Magdalen stated
that even though the order was verbal, the court considered
it to be an official order from the judge, and so she has had
to remain offline since then.

However, as of March 15th, Magdalen had obtained legal
representation from none other than the law firm of
Lipsitz Green Fahringer Roll Salisbury & Cambria, LLP.
(This firm includes Larry Flynt and Marilyn Manson among
their clients.) Magdalen's legal team is challenging this order.
When the order is overturned and she is online again, she
will have quite a story to tell.

IMPORTANT: Because Magdalen has a new legal team,
donations to her legal fund are to be sent to a new address.
Paypal donations can still be sent to Checks or other payments can be
mailed to the attention of:

Christopher S. Mattingly
Lipsitz Green LLP
42 Delaware Avenue
Suite 300
Buffalo, New York 14202-3857