Friday, May 18

Taphouse Minecraft Still Occupying Virtual Space

Plenty of real estate to go around, folks.  In fact, an intrepid explorer posted pics of this find just now!

Come get some!


Monday, January 1

Happy New Years

Still doing what we do, and moving into our 14th year. Thanks freaks!

Monday, June 19

Minecraft 1.12 and NETHER Map!

Hey, folks, Hotep proprietor Nigel here:

Minecraft has updated to 1.12 and we've gone CRAZY!  Crazy with mapping, that is.  Scalopd has just traveled farther than any of us in search of a woodland mansion, and that means we have a lot more map to explore in search of parrots and whatnot.

But ALSO, the Minecraft Map is accessible from the web-page again, AND we have added nighttime overworld views, and also the Nether!  Come stake your claim on Taphouse Minecraft, before all the great spots are taken!  Tour the giant Dobbshead!  Marvel at the creeper blast craters!  Farm for beetroot!  Its all here, and more.  See you on the inside.

Tuesday, November 8

Minecraft Map Now Available!!

Been wondering what those freaks have been doing in there? Well, wonder no more, you can now browse our world for yourself, without the bother of actually going there. Zoom in and see all the mysterious structures! Spot the giant Dobbshead!! See for yourself why we should NEVER be given jobs in urban planning. Link available on the main taphouse menu or here: happy orienteering!

Tuesday, April 5

Oh yeah we have a news blog

Oops forgot that I could be updating this thing with news and important information....Guess I didn't have any.

Friday, June 6


Hard to believe we have been at this nonsense for 10 years. Guess that weird obsession was good for something after all. Take a bow Taphouse IRC, you are 10 years old today!!!