Friday, October 28

Bucky Lives!

I'm not dead! Well, not quite dead. As most of you may know, i had some kidney trouble earlier this month and as a result had to spend a few weeks in the hospital. I am, however, recovering nicely. Soon i will be back online and acting once more as a lightning rod for slacklessness.

See you soon!

the ALPHA is with us!

but I can't really speak about it now, as it is in super seekrit beta testing.
Forget I mentioned this. on another note, Vertigo has decided not to be a smelly hippy anymore and get a real job, and move to wisconsin. Also bucky, if you ever read this, do you suppose more than one of us should be able to change settings here?

Sunday, October 2

Page updates complete, I think...

All of the suggestions for the page *improvements* have been implimented. the new SSL page is here.
Everyone please give it a lookover and let me know if there is anything I forgot