Saturday, March 10

Urgent Magdalen News

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To make a long story short, recently, after a very prolonged and difficult struggle, Rev. Magdalen won back custody of her child... only to have it again denied BEFORE SHE COULD EVEN SEE HIM by an "emergency stay order." This means that now the case must go to a higher court -- which is good, because it will be FIVE judges who aren't just yokels from that same small town, who managed to get themselves elected as family court judges. There is a good chance that, when the case is seen by educated people, Magdalen will regain full custody of her son.

One of the nightmarish aspects of this, however, is that, because the biological father supposedly has "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome," he has never had to work and is a trailer-court welfare case. This means that the state pays for his lawyers! But because the Bevilacquas each work the equivalent of two jobs, they have to PAY for their lawyers.

And they have to pay a new, DIFFERENT lawyer to handle the higher appellate court case.

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