Tuesday, June 20


Shirts, even!

Go buy them and help support Magdalen! Battling the CON is cheap, if you're being subversive, but VERY VERY EXPENSIVE if you're doing it in court, with *real* lawyers.


Saturday, June 17

No news is good news...

I just noticed that there haven't been any news posts lately. But then i thought about it, and realised that there really hasn't been all that much news.

A quick recap of things that weren't newsworthy:

  • frop.taphouse.org got a RAM upgrade
  • fester.taphouse.org finally upgraded it's... whatever it was that got upgraded
  • #doctorwho got created, and is actually quite the busy channel on saturdays when Dr Who airs on the BBC.

That's all i can think of at the moment, but keep checking back soon. Our next bit of news will probably be that someone has finally surpassed my highscore at trivia. But that'll most likely be a while down the road.