Sunday, October 25

Game Review: Machinarium

This is the newest game from the Czech indie
game designers who did the samorost web game
a few years back.
-its still free to play HERE!
I remember in IRC we were obsessed with that game
for awhile.
Anyway I never just play games I am very interested
in what goes into them, looking behind the curtain if you
will, anyway here is THE TRAILER
You can also play the free web demo here: HERE!

This game is absolutely gorgeous and the interface
is as interesting as samorost was. The game costs
20 dollars and for that you get a windows, linux and mac
version, as well as the soundtrack on mp3 (the soundtracks
to their games are almost worth just having on their own)
I cant recommend this enough, there is really nothing else
like it. I have spent about 3 hours so far playing without
ANY of the *usual* game letdowns (clicking fatigue, etc)

I am all for supporting indie game writers and I understand
that spending 20 dollars might be outside what you might
consider spending on things like this, but seriously consider
MAKING AN EXCEPTION THIS TIME. You will not regret it.

I mean how can you say 'no' to THESE GUYS